GeniCan Smart Garbage Can
By: Rachna Sheth Dec 2, 2020
I am sure many of you are going to startled reading about the smart garbage can. Of course, we have discussed smart home devices like smart light, sma
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What does the future hold for IoT based home automation system?
By: Rachna Sheth Nov 24, 2020
Before 2020, the word ‘home’ was not much highlighted. But since the pandemic has begun, people have realised that they need to invest more in the
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Best Smart Home Gadgets: Trending Smart Outdoor Floodlights With Camera
By: Rachna Sheth Nov 12, 2020
Having a fantastic beautiful home is easy; what’s tough is the maintenance of it. If your property possesses a pleasing surrounding, then it is
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Top 3 Smart Garden Lights
By: Rachna Sheth Nov 3, 2020
Before we talk about the smart garden lights- let’s get back to the background. Over the years! There is a change in pattern in the way people l
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Alexa enabled Lawnmowers
By: Rachna Sheth Oct 28, 2020
The grass cutting can be very relaxing. It can do anyway, at least once in a while. But now more or less with us in the spring-if you look long
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Top 3 Smart LED Strips For Smart Home & Smart Offices
By: Rachna Sheth Oct 20, 2020
Often smart homes and smart offices or workplaces are looking for a complete automation system that can help them manage every bit of their house or o
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Top 3 Smart Air Purifiers For Smart Home: Best Smart Home Gadgets
By: Rachna Sheth Oct 13, 2020
When everything in your house is smart, why not introduce smart air purifiers to make it pollutant-free and clean? In our previous blogs, we have intr
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Smart Ovens for Smart Home Automation System Using IoT
By: Rachna Sheth Oct 6, 2020
Yes, smart ovens are definitely a thing now, and it does exist. For those who were wondering that wish they could appoint an AI kitchen assistant for
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Top 3 Smart Vacuum Cleaners For IoT Home Automation System
By: Rachna Sheth Sep 29, 2020
I am sure many of you are learning about the robot or smart vacuum cleaners for the first time. But yes, the smart vacuum devices are available to mak
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Voice Control for IoT Home Automation
By: Rachna Sheth Sep 22, 2020
IMAGINE, YOUR DREAM HOME WOKRS ON YOUR VOICE INSTRUCTION? Imagine, you are coming back home after a tiring day at work and thoroughly exhausted. You j
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