3 ways how your smart home security gets more sophisticated
By: Rachna Sheth Mar 2, 2021
Protection is our utmost priority being a human. Who doesn’t get loved to be protected and have the feeling of being the same? Then why not have pro
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Embrace your home automation system with smart lighting
By: Rachna Sheth Feb 25, 2021
In recent times, many trends have come with the rise of technology, even for homes. Initially, if we see there were trends of popcorn ceiling or every
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The Role of IoT in Home Automation
By: Rachna Sheth Feb 15, 2021
Today, at the forefront of Automation progress, life in all domains is becoming more comfortable and less challenging. IoT based home automation is a
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3 Facts To Learn- Until You Reach Your Hotel Automation Goal
By: Rachna Sheth Dec 22, 2020
Automation is one of the most used words in the world today. Especially business owners and industrialists use this word often because automation help
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Five undeniably reasons to love home automation
By: Rachna Sheth Dec 16, 2020
Out of all the latest technical advancements, smart home systems are among the most trending and demanding improvement. Like, who doesn’t enjoy
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Smart Office Automation System
By: Rachna Sheth Dec 8, 2020
Automation is bliss in many ways. The homeowners who have already installed the best smart home gadgets for switching their home into a smart home sys
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GeniCan Smart Garbage Can
By: Rachna Sheth Dec 2, 2020
I am sure many of you are going to startled reading about the smart garbage can. Of course, we have discussed smart home devices like smart light, sma
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What does the future hold for IoT based home automation system?
By: Rachna Sheth Nov 24, 2020
Before 2020, the word ‘home’ was not much highlighted. But since the pandemic has begun, people have realised that they need to invest more in the
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Best Smart Home Gadgets: Trending Smart Outdoor Floodlights With Camera
By: Rachna Sheth Nov 12, 2020
Having a fantastic beautiful home is easy; what’s tough is the maintenance of it. If your property possesses a pleasing surrounding, then it is
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Top 3 Smart Garden Lights
By: Rachna Sheth Nov 3, 2020
Before we talk about the smart garden lights- let’s get back to the background. Over the years! There is a change in pattern in the way people l
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