Tips for Choosing the Right Smart Door Lock for Your Smart Home
By: Rachna Sheth Apr 27, 2021
All our lives, we have been experiencing the standard door locks in our homes and offices. Be it anywhere in the world, we have been familiar with the
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Top 5 Benefits of Implementing an Office Automation System
By: Rachna Sheth Apr 22, 2021
Automation is the future of the home, hotel, and office management. Whether we accept it or not, we are getting more prone to the luxurious lifestyle
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Top 5 Smart Home Devices to Upgrade Your Smart Home in 2021
By: Rachna Sheth Apr 14, 2021
Upgrading your smart home is one of the best ways to take advantage of technology for upgrading your lifestyle. We have no idea that how the world has
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3 Keys to Improving Hotel Service Quality With Automation
By: Rachna Sheth Apr 12, 2021
Nowadays, it is not a secret that customer satisfaction is the key to success. It is more than the location and condition of the hotel. SpikeBot will
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How to achieve a fully automated hotel with Hotel Automation System?
By: Rachna Sheth Apr 1, 2021
To be very clear, we all are surrounded by smartphones or smart gadgets.  Even the concept of smart homes and automation is at its peak and will
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Top 5 Tips for using your smart devices in your smart home
By: Rachna Sheth Mar 24, 2021
Who would have thought that we would be controlling the lighting and fan speed automatically or just with a voice command? Who would have thought that
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How Can Smart Water Sensors Detect the Leakage in Your Smart Home?
By: Rachna Sheth Mar 12, 2021
By extension, a smart home is any residence equipped with digital devices that can be linked to a system and operated remotely by a smartphone or a ma
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3 ways how your smart home security gets more sophisticated
By: Rachna Sheth Mar 2, 2021
Protection is our utmost priority being a human. Who doesn’t get loved to be protected and have the feeling of being the same? Then why not have pro
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Embrace your home automation system with smart lighting
By: Rachna Sheth Feb 25, 2021
In recent times, many trends have come with the rise of technology, even for homes. Initially, if we see there were trends of popcorn ceiling or every
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The Role of IoT in Home Automation
By: Rachna Sheth Feb 15, 2021
Today, at the forefront of Automation progress, life in all domains is becoming more comfortable and less challenging. IoT based home automation is a
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