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SpikeBot Suggestion of Best Smart Speakers in 2020

In some recent years, home automation devices are at their extreme development pace. People tend to make their homes more digitally automated with the assistance of such smart home automation

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Smart Home

SpikeBot: The One-Stop Shop for Home Automation in India

When the whole world is transforming into Home Automation system, all you need is to improve in all dimensions possible out there. Everybody wants changes in their Homes and try

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Smart Home

How Does Home Automation Manages An Control Various Electrical Devices?

Recently I came across a quote that read, ‘Smart things is the only way to make your home into a smart home’. The quote is 100% genuine. A smart home

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Bluetooth Low Energy

What is BLE? What does it depend on?

BLE represents Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE, and advertised as Bluetooth Smart). BLE is a type of wireless communication structured particularly for short-range communication

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