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How Smart Home makes it easier to cope up with Lockdown trauma?

How Smart Home makes it easier to cope up with Lockdown trauma?

Lockdown amidst the recent situation when the world is facing the biggest crisis of the century so far. A “Pandemic” named COVID-19, which has enforced all of us to stay

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Smart Home Security Features

Smart Home Security Features That Every House Owner Needs To Know!

In this 21st century, where everything is changing concerning time, what we need to do is that we should also change with it as well. In this World only a

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Iot & Home Automation 2020

IoT and Home Automation; Know what all future has stored in for you?

The world has advanced, so as security measures. Not many people know that one can be unsure of their safety even when they are sitting back at home. Theft, uncertainty,

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Zigbee and it’s architecture

Zigbee is an energy-efficient and cost-efficient wireless network standard. It utilizes mesh network topology, permitting it gives high unwavering quality and a sensible range.

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Home Automation Company in India

With the emergence and advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), the whole world is moving towards a “smart” surroundings. With the growth of smart cities and smart countries, it has become

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