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Are you searching for ways to boost the quality of your life? Does that involve transforming your existing traditional home into a smart home? One answer to all these question, is to have smart home devices from Spikebot which can be seamlessly and easily controlled by the home automation integration app.

In this post we will tell you six reasons why you should consider smart devices with smart home automation app from Spikebot:

  1. Smart notifications – You get notified on your smartphone/tablet on the activities being tracked. You can customize the notifications to give the day’s activity logs from different devices as well.
  2. Smart installation – Home automation integration app is easy to install, secure and seamless to use.
  3. Smart design – The smart home automation app is designed ergonomically to offer the best function and aesthetically pleasing for all.
  4. Smart Security – The app is completely secure and compliant with data and user protection and against external vulnerabilities.
  5. Smart scheduling – You can schedule activities on the smart devices which is a delight for you and a wow-factor for your family and friends.
  6. Smart Moods – You can create various mood personas on the app to match your moods.

So, you should consider buying the smart devices with smart home automation app feature from Spikebot. When you do this, you are assured of the following:

  • Smart devices and app are proudly designed and developed in India for fellow Indians and the World.
  • Smart devices have unmatched quality and the home automation integration app have seamless usability.
  • You get the best customer experience before and after your purchase.