3 Ways Spikebot Prevents your Smart Home from Major Water Leakage

3 Ways Spikebot Prevents your Smart Home from Major Water Leakage

3 Ways Spikebot Prevents your Smart Home from Major Water Leakage

Are you always tensed about the major water leakage in your house?

Water leakage is one of the common household issues. But it has many hidden dangers for which it is better to have an IoT water leak sensor to prevent water from leaking in different parts of your home.

Homeowners are never alarmed for water leakages until they cause major structural damage or generate high electricity bills. SpikeBot home automation system using IoT has the best water leak detector to keep you alarmed for water leaks.

How SpikeBot Prevents Major Water Leakages?

SpikeBot is a smart home automation system that offers different types of smart sensors to keep your home updated and secure. The water leakage sensor by SpikeBot helps the homeowners get timely notifications in case of water leakages or waterlogging.

1.   Timely Smartphone Alerts for Water Logging in Washrooms

When we have kids or elders in the home, it becomes essential to keep the washroom floors dry and clean. In case of water leakage or waterlogging, the entire washroom floor becomes wet, which can cause many accidents for the family members in the house.

SpikeBot’s water leak detection system helps with timely notifications on the homeowner’s smartphone when any leakage or water is logging on the washroom floor. SpikeBot’s IoT water leak sensor is a Zigbee based device that helps detect water overflow on the surfaces where it is installed.

SpiekBot Water Leak Sensor Video

In short, you can avoid any accidental hazards in your home’s washroom due to water leakage or waterlogging by trusting SpikeBot’s best water leak detector.

2.   Beep or Buzzer Sound on Water Overflow

Another way you must trust SpikeBot’s water leak sensor for your smart home is by installing the device on the terrace or garden in case of a water overflow. Almost every house or bungalow has got an electric motor pump for filling the overhead water tanks. Water overflow is one of the common issues for homeowners having an overhead tank or garden pump.

The SpikeBot’s IoT water leak sensor is best for bungalows with gardens and overhead tanks because it has got an excellent buzzer or beep sound notification for water overflow detection. Hence, you can save a lot of electricity as you get notified about the water overflow to turn off the motor pump. Also, it helps in saving water and prevents water wastage with a timely buzzer sound.

3.   Notifications for Water Clogging in Basements

The SpikeBot’s groundwater detector has a 3V coin cell that helps prevent water leakage causalities by intimating the homeowner with water clogging notifications anywhere in the basement. During rainy days, homeowners can prevent structural damage by installing the best water leak detector from SpikeBot.

Technical Specifications of SpikeBot’s IoT Water Leak Sensor

If you are wondering why SpikeBot is the best water leak detection system for your smart home, you must go through these technical specifications.

  • Smart water detection sensing
  • Response time for water detection is < 0.5 seconds
  • Battery lifetime : Up to 6 months
  • Power: 3V 620mAh, CR2450 Battery
  • Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 43 mm

SpikeBot’s IoT water leak sensor is best for homes and offices that need to keep their basements and overheads clean and structured from water leakages. Visit www.spikebot.io for more information